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Thread: New Old Bike: '73 R60/5

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    New Old Bike: '73 R60/5

    Greetings fellow airhead enthusiasts,

    After being smitten with joy with my R65LS project, I've become hooked with Airheads. My first BMW was a 2003 F650GS and then I started moving the clock backwards as follows: '87 K75s, '82 R65LS and now '73 R60/5. The compelling feature for me of the slash 5's is the speedo/tach in the headlight bucket - kinda reminds me of an old Porsche.

    The R65LS was a major project - she didn't run, had sat outside for a several MN winters and needed Everything! A great bike now but took a lot of resources to bring her back. Vowed if I ever bought another Airhead, she'd have to be in running condition.

    Found this one at a reasonable cost. Seller was intimidated by the "complexities" of the bike. He was nervous about taking longer trips for fear of breaking down. Had a pretty good oil leak going and the speedo/tach reminds me of a windsock in variable winds while driving - fluctuates like crazy! I thought the leak would be pushrod seals but when I brought her home, discovered every 10mm bolt that holds the oil pan was very loose. Snugged 'em up and the leak seems to have stopped.

    She has @ 80,000 on the clock and I've got receipts going back to 1999 - she's been pretty well maintained and is period correct for her age - no modifications. Came with BMW panniers in very good shape with keys, even the original tool kit and a Haynes book.

    Took her for a 20 mile ride yesterday before the temps dropped here in MN - was in the 50's and this morning, there's snow on the ground! She runs amazing, idles well, clutch and transmission works good too. I filled her with non-oxy fuel and put in Seafoam before putting her up in the shed. All oils were recently changed and looked good.
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