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Thread: Oil Filter Housing Removal - R100RS

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    Oil Filter Housing Removal - R100RS


    A buddy of mine is installing a deep sump with spin-on oil filter option on his '82 R100RS. He's run into a problem which I have pasted below. Any help you can provide would be met with joy and celebration. Thanks in advance for your help!

    "I need some info on removing the oil filter housing(the tube that the paper filter goes into) and the oil filter tube or pipe(named both in the manual) that the paper filter slides over.....pipe is inside housing but are two separate pieces.

    There is no removal info in the manual, but the diagrams indicate that the "pipe" has an o-ring on the block insertion end so I am assuming it is a push in/out assembly (no threads on drawing), but giving it a good tug didn't give me any good results. I don't want to vise grip the thing unless I have to. The housing must be removed to install the new sump stuff.
    The housing looks like it might be very difficult to remove if it is a pressed in piece......again, no real info in the book for me to go by..."
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