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Thread: 2002 r1150rs brake pad wear question?

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    2002 r1150rs brake pad wear question?

    Just picked a nice 2002 r1150rs and have been trying to acquaint myself with all it's systems. Had a little over 12k on the clock. Was curious if there's any warning when brake pads need to be replaced like the squealer on car pads or how you go about checking them. I can kinda tell the front wheel pads look ok but not able to get a visual on the rear. New to this forum and tried to do a search for break pad wear but got every topic except brake pads! Bob

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    Mine has a plastic cover on top of the rear caliper that comes off.
    Then you can see the wear gap cut into the pads.
    When the gap is gone you're at the limit.
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    You can see the back pads with a mirror and flashlight and the right bag removed.
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    The back pads wear faster than the front ones. 2 to 3 times faster. The OE pad material wears the rotor. I like the carbon Loraine ones from Beemer bone yard, stops almost all the rotor wear.

    take off the bag, get a strong light and a mirror you can see the pad wear on the rear.

    The fronts you can take off a stainless steel retainer and look at them or even remove them. Although some will say you will die, I do swap front pads from side to side to equalize wear. I have never felt a difference. YMMV You can not do this with back pads. The inner always wears more regardless of the condition of the sliders. Just stiff sliders make it worse.


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    The back pads only wear faster if you are rear brake dependent or heavy on the rear brake. In the 170k on my 94 RS, I have replaced the front pads three times and the rear pads three times. Its not the bike but the rider and rider style. I have used SBS pads since the original OEM pads wore out, and the most recent set of pads are EBC. Happy with both aftermarket brands.

    Also, on my RS, in those 170k, I would have replaced the clutch only twice if it weren't for the failed rear seal oiling the clutch and my "cheap ass" attitude about replacing jut the friction plate.
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    andy- his RT has the linked brakes. Unless i'm mistaken, those rears get used a lot, whether you're applying the pedal or not.
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