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Thread: Rain Gear

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    Rain Gear

    Time for a new rain suit. Any suggestions on an outfit that really works but won't break the bank? Thanks, Bill..

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    frog toggs
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    +1 on the Frogg Toggs.
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    Bass Pro Shops Rain gear dept. I wear all of my gear into the store & try there rain gear on.
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    Why not get a one piece suit (ex. Olympia Phantom) that is all in one waterproof and has zippered vents. Who wants to stop on the side of the road and put on a separate suit?
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    I became a believer in Frogg Toggs last month. I have a bunch of weatherproof gear, but decided not to take it on a trip to the Keys. On my return trip I rode for about five hours in some fairly nasty rain. I had on a Joe Rockett mesh jacket with a liner and put on my Frog Togg pants. I was absolutely surprised and impressed with the performance of the Toggs. They are cheap, light weight and pack easily. I just roll them up and put them under the netting on my top case. They are definitely my warm weather rain pants.
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    Frogg Toggs are pretty expensive for what they are and they're not very durable- but they work until they shred.A little bulkier to pack, too.
    I prefer the good stuff meaning GoreTex, in as light and compact as I can find.
    Over many years, sources vary but at present Cabelas has it- they sell pants in several lengths in each size so you can get the length needed for sitting on the bike.

    On super hot and humid days, sometimes I choose just to get wet to get some core cooling...

    A lined suit can work but you'll get it crapped up pretty quickly if you use a bike for daily commuting no matter what the weather- and that probably means more suit maintenance.

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    Jumper, welcome to the site.

    The BMW RainLock2 looks like a nice suit for a fair price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Jumper, welcome to the site.

    The BMW RainLock2 looks like a nice suit for a fair price.
    The Rainlock 2 is a great suit, well worth the money. I doubt I will ever have to buy a replacement since the gear appears to have great quality. I wear the jacket everyday for commuting, pants are kept in the bag in the event they are needed.

    Good luck with your search.

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    Motorcycle Classics had a short review of a few rain suits in the last issue:
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    Motel 6.
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    I've been exceedingly happy with my Frogg Toggs "Motorcycle" edition rain gear. I bought them online (eBay) for like 120 bucks. I have used them now for 3 seasons. Riding here in FL means that I wear them nearly every day from June through November. Rode through TS Debbie this past summer. Both my wife and I were nearly completely dry after 5+ hours riding in very hard rain. Would definitely buy them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 43Ejumper View Post
    Time for a new rain suit. Any suggestions on an outfit that really works but won't break the bank? Thanks, Bill..
    Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Two-piece Rain Gear @ $50

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    Have had good luck with Frogg Toggs but this year finally shelled out the money for a gortex jacket and pants (Klim Latitude).

    It was pricey but absolutely the best investment in riding I have ever made. Can ride all day in showery weather without constantly putting additional suits off an on.

    If I were to buy again I would get the Klim Traverse jacket and pants with the D30 armour. The stuff is absolutely top quality gear and worth the premium price.

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