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Thread: Insurance oddity

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    It's possible (likely) that your bike insurance was going to go up by the same amount (or more) when your renewal comes around... and has nothing to do with the vehicle (s) you are insuring.

    Our auto insurance went up last month, so I had a series of discussions with my agent and then the Farmers corporate reps trying to get to the bottom of it (we had no accidents, no new vehicles, etc- I would have thought our rates would have remained static). Their best explanation was that they raised their statewide rate earlier in the year ("...the cost of doing business has increased", they said), increasing the premium for all customers regardless of claims history, vehicles, etc. Needless to say I wasn't thrilled...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 58058D View Post
    They are taking into account that, statistically, scooter operators and their scooter cause more damage claims that operators of an R80ST. Relatively speaking, the average Bergman operator is less likely to be a responsible operator, or that is what their pricing is saying......A 100cc increase between my '09 K1300S and my '00 K1200RS certainly doesn't account for a 400% increase in liability.....must be the different operators I become on each...
    The above plus maybe they lump the big scoots with the little 49cc ones, which are often ridden by newbie first vehicle type riders on their way to HS/college/fast food job/girl/boy friends house/mall. Plus , it seems mine all goes up every time the seasons change? I got a letter from Farm Bureau the other day saying they were increasing my deductible from $300 to $500 & I never had $300 in my life on anything-they also included a list with my tornado roof claim,last 3 car "events"-none were my fault- and a speeding ticket for 70/55 x 2. I guess I've been bad?

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