Get Geared

This is relatively new since in the past they didn't ship to US. While there's plenty of good gear to be found at our local shops and on line, it's an opportunity to find some quality items not available in the US*.

Being an English company with plenty of rainy days they have a great selection or rain-ware not seen here such as over gloves and rain pants .

My favorite purchase was their rain pants that zip on the side to above the knee. If you've ever had to pull over and get rain gear on in a hurry, the hardest part is getting the pants on over riding boots.

Thought I'd pass this along for those looking for something special and not easily found. While many items are what we can find stateside, there might be something that works perfectly for you and worth the shipping charge to get it here.

* No need to reply to the above about where you can buy a bike cover for $3 that doubles as a poncho, a trash bag, and a bull fighters cape or how you can save a dollar by purchasing Acme brand oil and spark plugs for your bike that costs over $20k. We get it. It's just another source and yes, nothing wrong with Aerostitch.