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Thread: Retrofitting ABS on a 1995 1100R

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    Retrofitting ABS on a 1995 1100R

    Can ABS be installed on an 1995 1100R? My bike did not come with ABS and i would like to see ABS can be installed for a reasonable price.

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    Short answer-no.

    You ask if it "can be installed" for a reasonable price, and from this I would assume that you are asking if you can pay someone else?

    You would be better off selling yours, and buying one equipped with ABS from the factory.
    You are talking wiring harness, ABS controller, computer, probably fork legs, and a new final drive housing, ect. ect.

    I would think that a donor bike would be a necessity.

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    Deifine a reasobable price.

    I probably have most of what you would need from my '96 R1100RS parts bike. If you have spoked wheels, it might get more interesting as I think they used a wheel speed sensor mounted in the FD housing. My RS has the rear sensor on a bracket with the caliper mount, not in the final drive housing. I have forks, hard brake lines, ABS modulator, RS wiring harness, wheel speed sensors...

    At the end of the day, even buying from someone like me, it won't be cheap. If you are doing your own work, I'd figure on $1000 as your best case senario. Worst case, you might end up spending that much on brake rotors and tone rings alone.

    The other downside to this is that you will end up with a mixed model bike. It makes it more challenging to buy parts for later on when you need to remember which pieces are from which model.

    You would probably be better off selling your bike and buying one with ABS. If you don't want to part ways with your bike and you really want to have ABS, it should be doable, but the word "reasonable" might be called into question.

    ...and then I noticed that you are in Singapore. I'm guessing the used parts and salvage market for BMW's isn't quite as healthy there as it is in the USA. Shipping used bike parts internationally rarely works out in an inexpensive way. You may find that buying a new BMW would be easier and less expensive.

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    I agree with the prior posters: if you want to have an ABS bike to ride, then find one with ABS from the factory. Just about anything can be done for enough money, but the challenges in adding ABS are significant, even though ABS and non-ABS bikes come from the same factory and appear pretty much identical.

    On the other hand, if your real desire is for a complicated project, and you won't feel grumpy about not having the bike to ride for a long time, and you won't snarl about the money, then go right ahead. Those of us interested in the technical aspects of the bikes would enjoy reading about your experience, and seeing pictures.

    It can be done: MOA Forum user deilenberger added ABS (from a late-model K100) to an early non-ABS K100, but doing so was not trivial. If it were me...I'd buy rather than convert.
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