Hi all -
This is my first post. I was a member when I had my 1994 R1100RT and then when I sold the bike I didn't renew my membership. Now with the new (to me) BMW, I'd rejoined.
Now I need some help.
When I bought the RT, it had saddlebags. When I sold it, I didn't sell them. I've been carrying them around with me for 4yrs stored in the garage. Luckily, they fit perfectly on the RS. For about 6 months now, I've not had any issues what-so-ever.
Then of course, I had one. I drive in the city traffic about 200-250 miles a day for Veteran's that are unable to drive in the Las Vegas area. After a long day on the road, I get back to the office and call the Wife and say I need gas. I fill it up, and realize it's a full tank, I should use it. I head out to Baker and back again - realizing I now need gas for the next day to get to work. But hey, it's a BMW!
Last week, after a rough day, I took off and headed for Mesquite. It's 90miles from the M resort to the Casa Blanca. I took a picture to send my wife and returned home. When I got home I realized my Left (Driver) side bag was gone. It was there when I got on.
I had to wake her up, load the dogs and her in the mini van and drive the entire trip from home to Mesquite at about 50mph looking for my lost bag. Saw a couple of police waiting speeders, talked with them and pulled over several times at things that looked like they could be it. Of course, it wasn't until the last 3 miles from home that it was on the side of the road. Trashed.
You can see that it's still 'locked' and had it's top two clips into the slot as well as the one near the passenger.
I didn't hit anyone. I would have felt that, and if for some reason I didn't, I would have been stopped by that person. I didn't feel the bag come off - I didn't notice the driving difference. I had no idea it was off.
So any idea of how it happened? I know all three 'locking' areas to the bike were attached, and the bag was closed and locked.
My wife says I should contact the maker of the bags and see what they can do. I don't know if they'd do anything or if there's something I can do, except spend another $500 on a new set or find a left one on eBay.
I appreciate your thoughts and time on this.
I will post pictures in a second post.