Quote from an earlier comment:

The cracks are caused by an incorrect application of tapered threads, and BMW should replace this part on all affected models. I had to ride my bike out of the woods in TN and 150 miles back to Atlanta with gas shooting out like a squirt gun because I had no other way to get home.

My question is what year specific was this a problem? And what year did BMW start addressing the issue?

In reading the some 40 or so comments and pictures on the other board AVRider, the BMW Engineers should have known better as threaded plastic has never worked unless there is a solid clamp or collar around the female threaded end. In the wonderful world of piping and valves, this a disaster waiting to happen as plastic will thermal cycle overtime.

Just replaced all the Tupperware on the left side and will have to go and remove it to complete an inspection.

As annoyed as I am, I appreciate the collective minds on this thread bringing this to my attention now and not when the fuel tank is full in the middle of summer.