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Thread: Replaced brake pads 06 RT

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    Replaced brake pads 06 RT

    So just when I was thinking I'd followed every step to changing my own brake pads, I noticed a small puddle. Oh yeah, the brake fluid warnings after every set of instructions! D'oh.
    It appears that the fluid followed a harmless path to the ground, dousing the center stand a little on the way. Anything else I need to be concerned about? Both reservoirs are full.
    I took the bike on a trip to New York City, because I live on the edge like that, and the brakes worked great.
    I skipped the $100 x 3 BMW/Brembo brake pads & went with the EVC brand (made in the US) ones. $38 x 3 = much better!

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    From your description, it sounds like you fully pushed the caliper pistons into their bores, and I'm guessing that at some point before this you may have "topped off" the reservoirs at the ABS unit.

    The fluid behind the pistons had to go somewhere, in this case back upstream to the reservoir at the ABS unit.

    Fortunately, the ABS unit reservoirs have overflow drain tubes (like old wet-cell battery drain tubes) which are there precisely for events like this. No harm done to the brakes.

    The only consequence I see is removal of paint from the centerstand if you did not immediately rinse the brake fluid off the stand (mere wiping with a rag is not enough). Even if so, a degreasing followed by a black rattle can application will deal with that.
    Mark Neblett
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