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    new member with R90/6

    howdy all,

    i had a cherry '76 R75/6 back in the '80s and sold it for down-payment money towards our first house. now that our son is in college and our daughter is fixing to go next year, i have re-joined the ranks of airhead owners.

    i just took delivery of a '76 R90/6 via an internet posting from a seller in florida and it has turned out to be much more of a fixer-upper than a "daily driver" as was claimed in the ad. live and learn i guess, so now i have to just accept my losses and start fixing the things that are wrong.

    1) front brake is binding. adjusting the caliper cam pin did not help, so i think i am looking at a caliper rebuild. possibly also a master cylinder rebuild. right now it's difficult to roll the bike around in the garage.

    2) poor compression. 100psi R cylinder, 75psi L cylinder.

    3) pushrod tube seals leaking.

    4) runs rough. at the moment won't even start. could be plug wires, they are rotten inside. i have a set on the way from max's bmw. i replaced the plugs, adjusted the valves and point gap, made no difference. hopefully plug wires will help. i have a harmonizer carb-sync tool on the way, but until i get it running at all that won't be of much help.

    engine oil, trans, rear drive and drive shaft fluid levels are good and fluid looks clean, so that's a plus i guess. tank looks good inside and out. tires still have some life left.

    i'm pretty bummed that i bought this bike on the strength of some pictures and the seller's description. i should have had more patience and waited for something closer, but i wanted a bike exactly like my old 75/6 and this thing is the spitting image. i'd been following ebay, the classifieds here, walneck's, and the IBMWR classifieds and finally saw this one in the IBMWR classifieds and jumped on it.

    i'll send updates in the airheads forum on my progress in getting this thing back into road-worthy condition.

    nice to join you all,

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