K100RS 85...removed the throttle body assembly for trouble shooting a hard to start bike. looked down into the head cavity where you can see the back side of the intake valve. Small puddle of oil sitting in there...about a spitwad's worth. Can I assume my valve seal is leaking and/or is this normal. The other three are dry. About 70K miles...just did a head gasket change and it seemed to be running well...until the hard to start syndrome hit. My local mechanic told me not to bother with seals and valves while the head was off...did I make a mistake by not dealing with them at the time.

Also, three of the four cylinders have compression at 165 psi, but one has 135 psi (different cylinder than the oil problem). changed a marginal valve shim and haven't check for change yet, but can a marginal shim (was too tight) be the cause of inferior compression? Do I have ring problems in that cylinder?