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Thread: How to dismantle 75 R90/6 rear shock

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    How to dismantle 75 R90/6 rear shock

    Hi, I need some advice on removing my stock BOGE rear shock springs, I have a 75 r90/6 and plan on cleaning the shock bodies, soda blasting and painting the springs, polish the aluminum sleeve, then all back together.

    How to hold and compress the spring? How to remove the top shock mount and alum. sleeve?


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    It can be done in true shade tree fashion:

    Just scroll most of the way down that page. According to Saint Matthew of Parkhouse, there are 9mm flats at the top of the shock shaft, so if you want to reuse the shock a burly 9mm wrench should do the trick. Mr. Parkhouse clued me in to the process in a recent issue of ON.

    Good luck!

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    It can be done in true shade tree fashion:
    Or, you can take a more mechanical approach.

    Once you have the aluminum shroud compressed far enough you will see the flat (10mm iirc) on the shock strut. Put a wrench on the flat and unscrew the aluminum shock mounting "eye" (#2) on top. When you are ready to reassemble, make sure you have the eye threaded all the way on to the shock strut. The tension of the spring against the mounting eye is the only thing holding the aluminum shroud in place.

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    fwiw- that stock shock absorber is crapped out. it's dead by years (nearly 40 years, at this point), and (probably) dead by usage, as they only had a functional life of maybe 20K miles, even tho most rode them for more than that.

    I'd suggest getting entirely new guts, and figure out how to install the stock covers over them (if you care about appearance). If you only care about appearance--- do whatever floats your boat.

    Given that there is minimal collector's value to a standard /6, i'd just buy new shocks (Hagon, Ikon, etc), and ride the thing like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerfish1100 View Post
    Given that there is minimal collector's value to a standard /6, i'd just buy new shocks (Hagon, Ikon, etc), and ride the thing like that.
    Tell that to the "STANDARD" /2 folks as they merrily go all the way to the bank as they sell their so called "collector" that they worked to keep as stock as possible.............Every pig has it's day to become a rose........God bless.....Dennis

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    Make sure when you're reassembling to lock tite the upper eyelet to the shaft or it will unscrew itself.
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    Thanks everyone, this is exactly what I was looking for.


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    +1 - disassembled mine and zero resistance 74 r90/6

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