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Thread: want to help clean up from sandy

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    want to help clean up from sandy

    I am a sheetmetal worker who got laid off last week and would like to help the cleanup efforts on the N.J. shore.I have tried many phone calls and on the computor to find an orginization to hook up with but with no luck.Does any know of any club efforts or orginizations out there I can contact? I am in good shape and am familiar with demolition work.I think I could be useful disconnecting ruined furnaces from ducts and or taking down ducts.but I am willing to help any way needed. I can afford the gas to get there and back but can't afford a motel while there.I am not good with a computor so if you can help me you would need to call me at 847-265-1953 or 847-489-2831

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    sandy volunteer effort

    I read my post this morning and feel alittle foolish.I now realize that it's as easy to access responses as it is to post them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMR1150RT View Post
    I read my post this morning and feel alittle foolish.I now realize that it's as easy to access responses as it is to post them.
    Not foolish at all Jim. Welcome to the forum. It sometimes takes a while for the right connections to be made. It's also OK if you need help here on the forum-just ask. Gary
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    Hey Jim,

    I don't know how things are working in NJ, but here in NY most of the folks I know who want to help have just been driving down to an affected area. Once there you can check in with the Red Cross, Habitat, Church Groups etc and offer your help.

    Most of them have a check in station, tell them what you can do and your good to go. Most of the people are pretty thankful for the help. After working on my own GF's house for a few of weeks now, I still see groups going around and offering their service. People that stayed really are sort of shell shocked and traumatized by the whole thing.

    The real shame of it is that while money is starting to come in for folks to get in pros, there are some pirate / sketchy types just screwing the homeowners hiring them for repairs, charging insane prices and performing piss poor work.

    Good luck when you do go, and remember like any other job site some of these places are just plain dangerous.

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