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Thread: 98 R1100RT heater vents

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    Lightbulb 98 R1100RT heater vents

    It's amazing what you can find out by reading the owner's manual! I just figured that the extra little grills on the dash next to the speaker grills were 'extra' speaker openings. Then I find out I can 'turn on the hand heaters' with the little levers inside! The heat is actually effective! Rode with out gloves and could feel the warmth on my fingers, and the control levers were warm to the touch!

    Now, if I can just rig up little fans in the duct work so they work at city speeds!
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    They weren't popular enough to be carried over to the R1200RT, however.
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    I have an 00 R1100Rt. Those vents are great at 30 mph around 45*f. When colder, the thermostat on the bike does not open and there is no warm air. Going faster and the warm air gets diluted before it reaches my hands.

    Kinda useless for me.

    Good idea that did not work for me.


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    The concept was a great one. But, the usability is not so good. I have heated grips, which are awesome, so the heated vents are of limited value to me. I wish they would have done this with the early K bikes. BMW just cannot seem to get heat pointed in the right direction. The concept was done on the wrong bike.

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    I have a 99 R1100RT. I like the heated vents. I don't ride, when it is below 50 degrees.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMSimon View Post
    I have a 99 R1100RT. I like the heated vents. I don't ride, when it is below 50 degrees.....
    I have a 99 as well. For the life of me I can not find the lever to open the vents. Manual seems to indicate inside the glove box, but not on my bike. Were they an option?

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    I just reach down by the front forks. There is a small metal lever on each side. I also found out about them through the manual. I turned them off when it was so hot this summer. It's time to turn them back on now.
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    Yep, two silver bars in the opening between the instruments and the gas tank. I never can remember which way is open or closed, so I labeled them with a paint marker. I agree that when its cold (all relative), they don't seem to do much, but at moderate temps, they are noticeable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    They weren't popular enough to be carried over to the R1200RT, however.
    Nor to the R1150RT.
    Probably the idea was overtaken by the very effective heated grips, and dropping them was a way to lower build cost.
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