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Thread: ABS Brake System K1200LT

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    ABS Brake System K1200LT

    Need Help! BMW repair shops have been unable to get blinking ABS lights to STAY OFF since purchased new July 2002. Any solutions?

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    abs lights

    Go here for much more info
    do a search for ABS and you will find more info regarding this problem.

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    What walnut11 said
    Good luck!!

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    Exclamation blinking ABS warning

    If the mechanics cannot get the warnings cleared by ensuring the fluid levels are correct and that no other sensor is at fault you may have experienced what my 2003 K12LTC had which was a fault in the ABS computer module.

    Be extremely careful if you try to ride your bike and the warnings come on. My bike nearly caused me to rearend someone when the warnings came on just as I was braking for a traffic light. The brakes went completely out and I was left with only what power I could get manually.

    I hope you have Warranty available because the cost was $2400 installed by the dealer and they had to get the unit from Germany at a wait of 1 month. Good Luck! P.S. If you have warranty I would demand that the module be replaced before the expiration. It is a well known fact that BMW has had several problems in the ABS systems of their newer bikes.

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