West to the Salem Rally and back home to Vermont again. From the Rockies to the coastline I have it all figured out, but oh the great flatness! Barley and I have taken 24/224 from Iowa to Ohio. It wasn't too bad. We made good time, there wasn't much to see but there also weren't many towns forcing us to slow down for a phalanx of stoplights. We also took 50 from WV to MO, but while the highway itself was okay it managed to get gobbled up by Interstate or passed right thru major cities, both of which I try to avoid.

Two I have not yet tried are US 30 and 36. Am also looking at 24 as far as Peoria IL, then either 34 or 136 to the NE corner of Colorado. The goal is to get the flat stuff behind me as fast as possible without actually slabbing so we can maximize our time out West.

Any recommendations for one route over the others?