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    2012 r1200rt

    BMW customer service? Bought a new bike and 100 miles later the rear shock started leaking,I emailed BMW customer service and called them NO reply! I work as a service manager and GM gives us 30 minutes to replay or we feel the rath, luckly honz at gateway BMW in stl is a good guy and has been great to deal with but 3 weeks to get a part,so as I was at the dealership yesterday talking to another owner who had problems he had an engine blow at 300 miles said he had the same problem as me with BMW said decided to buy another brand,which I know he will probally regrete, has anyone else had an experiance with poor factory warranty experience?

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    In my experience there is nothing better than having a decent dealer in your corner. Let them make the calls on your behalf. I once had a warranty issue with my 2010 GSA and took it to my local (VT) dealer. The tech said no problem and took the bike into the shop. A few minutes later I heard the owner bellowing at his tech in the most vulgar words imaginable that he was not going to cover anything that could in any way have been caused by owner misuse. Then he came up front and made a vulgar reference about hacking a GSA. I've never been back to that dealer and wouldn't shed a tear if he failed.

    Took the bike to Max BMW. They treated me very well, covered the failed turn signal switch under warranty, and made me feel both welcomed and appreciated. If not for Max I would be riding a Yamaha or a KTM right now.
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    Everyday warranty problems are handled by dealers, not BMW North America.

    Don't see where there's a problem here.
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    2012 r1200rt warranty issues

    Pete I agree the dealer makes the world go around and Kent problem was after hours and I didn't know the shock was leaking just saw a puddle of oil under the bike it wasntp until I trailered it home in the dark,the next morning is when I saw the leak was a shock but still when you contact customer assistance they should contact you for any reason,I deal with this every day and I will promise if you call GM customer assistance they will answer and attempt to resolve any issue even those that don't that dont deserve it

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