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Thread: 1974 R90/6 and owner introduction to forums

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    1974 R90/6 and owner introduction to forums

    I am new here and looking forward to the educational and sometimes amusing social interactions here on the forums page.

    Permit me an introduction.. My name is Allen, I live about an hour north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and ride a pretty stock 1974 R90/6 with 47,000 miles on her.
    I was T-boned on her about 6 years ago when a bitch ran a stop sign. A head injury resulted and the bike sat for years with the occasional spinning of the engine with a few pumps on the kickstart. Sold her last year for $1400 US with a gentlemanly agreement on a stipulation that I get first right of refusal should the new owner pass it on. I said goodbye to her and figured I may get a call in a few or several years. I received a call only 6 weeks later asking me if I want it back before he changes the color. I asked what he had done to her. He said that he cut, straightened and re-welded the frame bent at the fork yoke, refurbished the forks, straightened the slight bend in rims, installed new tubes, tires, stainless brake lines, brake pads, replaced instrument cluster with rebuilt one, replaced headlight bucket and lens, rebuilt the carburetors, popped out oil can dent in fuel tank and prime painted the tank and fenders. Said he had $2200 in parts into her and had receipts. I asked how much to buy her back. He said $3600. I said you're not profiting anywhere. He replied that he cannot put a price on his labor so he won't and that he loves repairing motorbikes. He also said he was ready for another project and needed quick cash.
    I was in Scranton, Pennsylvania with the $3600 and my truck within 3 hours.
    She rides beautifully tracking true and better than ever.

    Cheers Everyone!!!

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    Great story/introduction Allen....welcome! Hope you're okay from the T-bone?


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    hi allen. i am on the other side of philadelphia from you (media / swarthmore area).

    i also have an R90/6 ('76 model). look forward to running into you on the road (not litereally of course)

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    '76 R90/6

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