Riding home today the rear felt loose. Of course I assumed Big Ball Bearing or pivot bearings. About 1/2 mile from home, the trucks made a pretty tall hump in the road this summer extruding out the pavement. I hit it and the bike took a big hop. Wow, I thought, that bearing must be about gone. So I rode that last half mile very slow.

Get home, put on centerstand. Tight. Tick marks on wheel lug nuts all in right place. What could it be?

7 PSI in Rear tire.

So even though in the past, I have had to replace the Big Ball Bearing and the pivot bearings, my steed did not fail me this time, just a flat.

It is good to learn how a very low tire feels, without having to find out how pavement feels.

Bad thing is assuming, and not checking, I was riding on a low tire and I had a pump. Needless risk, I will modify my behavior. Again.

Now, out to take off the rear. It was about gone anyway, I have a new one waiting. So no sticky strings verses stop and go threads this time, although I might practice on this one.