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Thread: Zumo 665, loading SD card.

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    Zumo 665, loading SD card.

    Can anyone clue me in on why I cannot load MP3's on SD card? I had originally loaded MP3's on internal memory, then found out not enough room for a reasonable sized music file, so purchased and installed SD card.

    Do I have to dump original music folder, then reload new to SD card?

    After plugging SD card to Mac laptop, cannot drag and drop from I-Tunes folder as I had
    done initially.

    Any link to detailed instructions would be helpful, instructions with garmin 665 not so good....

    thanks in advance.


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    Is the SD card unlocked? Slide the little tab toward the top.

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    From the PC point of view (dunno about MACs) - you can create folders under the root directory of the card for your MP3 files. There is a general rule of thumb on the Zumo forums to not put every MP3 you own in a single "folder" - it appears to slow the indexing of the MP3's that the Zumo does when it first notices they are there. Mine are done by album (great tool for the PC called "Free RIP" can do that just fine and is very fast at converting CDs to MP3s.)

    If you aren't able to write to the mini-SD card, you may want to check that your MAC is capable of reading and writing MS-DOS partitions (which is what is required for the SD card to work in a Zumo.) It should be formatted with MS-DOS-32 format. And also as suggested - check the position of the locking tab on the card.
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