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Thread: R1100RT vs Concours 14

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    I sat on once at the Long Beach show last year. I tried to tilt it up off the side stand and decided not to. They are VERY heavy. I wonder who the CHP is getting along with them.
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    If you prefer to ride the BMW, I don't see it being too hard of a choice. The other side to the argument, in my mind, is a question. How easily can you undo your decision if you decide you went the wrong way in the middle of next summer? How hard will it be to find another Connie with the same miles / in the same condition? How hard would it be to find another R1100RT with 7000 miles?

    Another thing I would consider is service. If you do your own work, it is kind of a mute point. If not, how is your access to mechanics for each bike?

    I guess the final straw may be the $. If you are cutting back to one bike for financial reasons, how much can you get out of each one vs. how much do you expect to spend on servicing them?

    At the end of the day, each of us is different and or priorities are our own. I don't need the power of a C14 and I love the character of my RS. That siad, I was actually looking for a K1200RS when I stumbled onto my R1100RS. A friend that I ride with loves his ZX-10 and ride all day in a position that would kill my knees. Another guy has a C14 and is able to throw it around like a 600. Pick the bike that works for you, that makes you want to get out and ride. Just be sure you won't be without a bike because nobody in your area can fix it or because the decision of which one to keep left you unable to buy tires for it.

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