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Thread: 2006 K1200R Gas Leak

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    2006 K1200R Gas Leak

    I recently noticed petroleum smell when at stop light and when I got home and put bike on side stand gas began leaking down left side of bike. I immediately contacted my local BMW shop and took the bike over to be looked at. They found a defect in my fuel pump which was causing the gas leak. The whole pump had to be replaced at a cost of $460 plus labor. I contacted BMW of North America as I felt this was a potentially dangerous situation with gas leaking on hot engine but they would not help me as warranty was expired. I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience or could give any advice as to possibly attempting to get BMW to rectify the situation.

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    I had the same dried streaks down the left side on the black plastic fairing which I did not notice until I got the bike back from the shop. Thanks for your input. I also filed a complaint with the NTSB.

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