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Thread: 1992 K75S ABS computer computer testing

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    1992 K75S ABS computer testing

    I tried determining ABS fault codes using a digital voltmeter which was difficult to read and I was getting fault code 6 which would indicate a problem with the ABS relay. To confirm, I used the LED test circuit method and that pretty clearly indicated code 7 which implicates the ABS computer. Yes, my battery was at a high charge of 12.8V. I could buy a replacement brain but I have questions that I need answered before I make a commitment to spend even more significant money on this bike.

    My question, then, is whether the test,as written, is the final word on the diagnosis of a bad computer? Can I assume that because the blipping lamp goes all the way to 7 and stays on there, that 7 is the only code that will be displayed and that's the final word? If it stopped at 7 does that mean that it simply did not make it to code 8 and that could be bad also? Also just because it made it to 7 and stops does that mean that 1 through 6 are definitely OK?

    I know this is kind of a convoluted question but the purchase of a computer is expensive so any suggestions will be appreciated. BTW, when I thought the fault code was 6 I bought a used relay but haven't installed it.
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