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Thread: Same Day Appointment

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    Ed Kilner #176066
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    Same Day Appointment

    Must be few riders still getting bikes serviced. Called Budd's (west of Toronto) this morning and got an afternoon appointment for brake flush.

    Should be 9 C, so chilly but not cold. Might be last ride for a while...

    Who else is riding in Ontario?
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    Just finished prepping the bike for winter, wash, fluids, valves etc. There will still be a few nice days to ride, hit and miss though. Yes, good idea to get work done, Budds is quiet now. Its crazy in the spring, 1-2 week wait times.

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    I'm still out on the bike. Went to Budd's parts department yesterday actually to get a couple of sealing rings as I am planning on changing the oil in the gearbox tomorrow.

    Just moved to Welland from Ottawa after retiring this past summer and I am hoping to keep the bike on the road all year round, more or less. I know there will be days throughout the winter when driving the bike isn't feasible. But if some golf courses are staying open year round, driving a bike should be equally feasible (I think...).

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    Both bikes have been washed, polished and waxed. The K will ride down and back to Burlington on Monday to pickup a Christmas present for one granddaughter, and the R will take a trip to Thamesville on Tuesday (in the rain) to pickup my winter supply of blueberries.

    On returning to London, each bike will have stablizer added to the tank, filled with Shell V Power (no ethanol), ridden 5 km home, wiped or quickly washed down, change the tranny, rear drive and engine oils. Each bike will then patiently wait for January and February for their turn on the lift, when 20,000 and 10,000 km tuneups will be completed in my heated garage.

    Once both bikes go into hibernation, I've got snow tires to install on four vehicles.

    Winter will be upon us all too soon.
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    I wasn't out on my RT today...took a walk instead. 75?? in El Paso. The bike will get a 54,000 mile tune-up in another 1,000 miles....About January.

    Want me to send you a postcard or a burrito?

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