Thanks to KarlB for shedding some light on this warranty issue with the S1000R/HP4. I contacted the BMW NA Rep about the warranty on the HP4 if you install the Akrapovic Race kit exhaust, ECU, and code. Here is the reply I received

"When you buy the full track exhaust including the programming code your bike will be put into a manual warranty authorization status. If a turn signal fails no big deal. If there is an engine failure there could be a problem. The exhaust carries no warranty."

Problem? after spending over 30K I should have no problems....I can understand issuing a manual warranty on it if you use the calibration tool. That allows you to manually change the map which could in turn could cause problems. It should not be the case for purchasing the exhaust, ECU, and a code that BMW programs and distributes themselves. Basically they are saying "Its our electrical product and programing BUT, were not 100% sure if the bike is going to stay together." I have never heard of anything like this.

And to add insult to injury they have no problem retaining a full warranty if you use an Akrapovic with a PCV or Bazzaz system.

Thanks again KarlB, I appreciate the info.