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Thread: 1975 r90/6 starting issues...

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    1975 r90/6 starting issues...

    1975 r90/6 been running for a few years, with issues here and there, but she always seem to start(even if i had to push) until recently... a few months back i had a leaky brake mc, it flooded the starter relay. got the relay cleaned and rebuilt the MC, everything worked fine after. most recently the bike didnt want to start when i pressed the button, tried again, and again... just a faint click.. i rolled the bike a bit and wham! it turns the motor!!! this became a frequent thing... try to start the bike, press the button, just a click... rock the bike back n forth a bit... ouala!!! it starts! I was lazy to figure it out, until the battery started showing signs of low voltage... so i charged up... same old same old... soon after battery is low again??? i have to push start the bike a few times.. no problem, then one day it wont start at all...??? now all i get is the click again... let me add that the engine is NOT in the best condition... but it would start fairly easy all the time. weather wasn't cold at all, when i push started it was on a hill so it was easy every time... until it didn't.

    now the last i tried was to clean the starter relay contacts and check all cables and connections for damage or build up. still all i get is a click from the starter relay...

    battery is fully charged, when i try to start the volt meter doesn't change? i still hear the click from the relay, but no change in voltage at all.???

    could it be a bad starter? or just a connection issue at the starter? or is the relay bad?
    or both?
    bad compression, old spark plugs, lots of leaks probably dont help much huh? sometimes i wonder why i even post on here... oh yeah i dont have the money to fix it all at once and i just want to ride the damn thing!!!!

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