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Thread: K100LT vs K75RT

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    K100LT vs K75RT

    Faced with the choice of a 75RT or a 100LT which would you choose and why?

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    given those choices, i'd opt for neither, and get the K1100 version. it's got all the upgrades, same basic motor, just more ooomph.
    if you are set on either the 750 or 1000, go big. The K75 was a fabulous solo bike, but a bit underpowered for 2up (especially in the mntns), which is what a RT/LT really excels at.
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    The choice for me would be simple. K-75RT Smoother and a bunch cooler in hot weather. I had a K1100LT, that was very fast and powerfull, but was too hot to ride in the summer. I've also had a K-75, and I once put a nickle on edge on the gas tank with the motor running to impress a friend who is a Harley rider. He still talks about how smooth that BMW was.
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    I would choose the K75RT without a second thought. I did get a K75RT to replace a K100RT because of the vibration and heat of the K100. The K75 had far less power than the K100 but it was very adequate for one up riding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwombat34 View Post
    Faced with the choice of a 75RT or a 100LT which would you choose and why?
    What do YOU want to do with the bike? Canyon carving, 2 up touring, something else? That makes a lot of difference in what I'd choose.
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    3 vibes good

    Thanks for the thoughts. I wasn't aware of the K100LT heat issue. There is something about the smoothness of 3's (or 6's for that matter) that makes them special. I was leaning that way already as a roommate for my K75S. You guys settled it.

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