I've been working most of the year on an addition onto my garage and a makeover of the rest of it. Just got the bike parking space all done up. I seperated the bike space from what will be my woodwrking are with a partition wall and then spruced up the spot to make it worthy of the marque.

Hope the logo police don't come and confiscate my new floor. Its RaceDeck tiles in a familiar looking patern.

My wife hasn't ridden her Bonneville since getting the F800ST five years ago, so I made an elevated platform for it to reside on until she decides what she wants to do with it. At least its not taking up floor space now.

Her F800ST on the parking dolly tucked in under the Triumph. The reason the platfrom is not to the other wall is to make a space for my Kendon stand up lift to live when not in use.

My K1200GT is next.

And finally, my F800GS.