I've often wondered if I need a second battery in my '04 R1150RT for operation of my gadgets, and Gerbings heated clothing.

Has anyone had any experience with wiring a second, 12 Volt, Lead Acid Sealed battery, into the 'Radio Compartment' box of an RT?

I imagine that the hook up is in series, that is plus to plus, and minus to minus to the bikes main battery.

Then there is the charging factor; and does my alternator charge this battery at the same time the bike is operating?

(I can hear your thoughts now: Oh No, this guy's headed for trouble...)

However, I would appreciate any input, as well as choices for a battery purchase of the many that are out there.

As for the project, I'd imagine that it would involve me removing my L side tupperware, and running some heavy guage wire to the main battery, before I run some splits off for my GPS/Iphone charger/Gerbings heated clothing.

Any advice is much appreciated,
(and believe you me, I won't start this project without all of you involved, 'cuz Vince would kill me, and also, I don't want to come out to my garage, to a melted bike')

Ride Safe, Stay Warm

on Long Island, NY