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Thread: "Nevada Rides"

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    I think he means the cigarette smoke.
    Nevada you can smoke anywhere. And a lot of them do, some locals, but also tourists from other states.
    And no matter what the ventilation system, that smoke stinks.
    I can smell someone sucking on one of those things from about 1/2 mile away.
    Or if I go into a motel room where they were smoking, it stinks.
    Even some of the smokers are bothered by it, and only smoke outside, or not in their car, etc.

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    In the state of Misery for now.
    +1 on Butler maps. The Arkansas guide did not have many if my favorite roads. Butler did and I concur with their rankings.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sickticket View Post
    My wife and I just got back from a week in Vegas. Will not go back - too much smoke and very crowded.
    We stopped at a visitor center when returning from a day trip to Utah and they had displayed a small booklet titled "Nevada Rides", motorcycle guide. It was produced by Nevada Magazine.
    It had many ads but also suggested day trips through many of the parks and counties. It looked like a great guide for visitors biking through the state.
    Do any other states put out these type of brochures? If not, maybe they should.
    Lots of nice rides in Nevada, particularly if you stay out of Casinoville. Besides the interesting places in the south end (Red Rock, Flaming Gorge, Boulder dam, Zion in Utah, etc) there are many beautiful spots in the north end. Particularly in the Reno-Tahoe region, most of these rides are in California, but within an easy ride of Reno (Casinoville North). I generally avoid the Tahoe Basin, but areas north and south of the Lake have some primo real estate.

    Bill Johnston

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