I too am suffering from advanced "old fart" syndrome. On a vacation trip from Oregon to Farmington New Mexico two up with luggage I dropped the bike twice because I'm only 5'8" and about 165 lbs. Not enough upper body strength to hold it once it started going over. Self, I said to myself get a lower bike like one of those harleys. So I bought a HD Electra Glide loaded and rode it, once. I live on a mountain and have a "driveway" that is over half a mile long and gravel going downhill losing about 900 feet of elevation from house to highway. Harley was a bit unstable going down and I couldn't quite reach the foot brake so gently applied the front brake and the front wheel washed out immediately. I got off the brake and wrestled the bike back under control and proceeded to ride it into town and back home. I never rode that bike again. I sold it "finally" and got most of my money back and have since lowered the foot pegs and seat on my RT and find it much more comfortable and by NEVER using the front brake while the wheel is turned any way but straight ahead haven't dropped it yet. We did hit an antelope in the Nevada desert and "rode through" the experience with about $3000 in damage to the RT and felt very lucky that we stayed up and under control.