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    Man down, what a mess

    Well today was a great day for a ride in Tucson so I went riding with a buddy and he invited a friend on a Harley. I could tell the guy was not a strong rider but there was no pressure to keep up and we went through a series of twisties. One corner was a bit of a surprise but I passed through and checked for my buddy on his 1100GS. He was right there but no Harley. We both turned around to find him sprawled on the gound with the bike upside down. After calling 911 and having him taken to the hospital, we arranged to tow his bike to the dealer where it was declared a total loss. We then went to the hospital to check on him and found he has a broken leg, shoulder, cracked ribs and a bleeeding spleen as well as a concussion. I don't think he could have been going more than 25 in this curve, but I am amazed at the extent of his injuries. He is 67 and I am not far behind. Am I getting to brittle for this s..t? I feel bad about this whole day. In hindsight, maybe I should have babysitted more. He was more confident than I was about his riding. He is now looking at several weeks of recovery. Damn
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