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Thread: k1200rs idling problems

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    k1200rs idling problems

    first time to log on.
    In have a 2002 k1200rs that has given me 20k miles of trouble free riding in the last 3years. It recently started shutting down at an idle . No particular activity, like after a fast stop, just randomly while waiting at lights etc. The battery is 3 years old but is always on a battery tender. The bike just turned 48 k miles. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Check the vacuum lines at the throttle bodies. They sometimes slip off.

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    Smile problems gone

    I followed several suggestions from several sights as to what the problem could be, checked out the possibility of vacuum leaks by spraying starter fluid at potential points. None discovered, but I found a thread on this sight titled "lessons learned changing battery." Bingo! the post battery change procedure.. when I followed that exactly the problem was resolved. After battery disconnect/ reconnect, before starting the bike turn the kill switch on then the ignition switch on and roll the throttle full hold four seconds and release 3 times then start. Thanks guys

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