I have a K75 1992 with 48K miles. I parked it for 2 weeks in the garage, it was running fine. Sunday, I started the bike and a hissing sound is coming from the gas tank, it sounds like a air leak. I pulling the fuse for the fuel pump and the sound quit the motor ran 2 seconds and then died. Put the fuse back in and the sound came back. Today I removed the gas tank filler cap everything looks clean and in good order. With the cap off I started the engine and the sound is still there. If you put your ear on the tank the sound is louder on the left side which is the side were the pump is located. I felt the rubber fuel line feeding the fuel rail and you can feel the fuel pump pulsing but at a totally different frequency then what sounds like air hissing. The sound does not change with RPM.
I'm thinking that it is the fuel pump but before I buy one for $230 does anyone have another idea of what it could be? Thanks, Dan