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Thread: New Trunkless Gold Wing F6B

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    This "F6B" is obviously built to try to appeal to the Harley Bagger crew. Not my style of bike but it may work for someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicVW View Post
    The K1200LT was discontinued, and not re-hashed as something "different" like Honda is doing with the Wing. You want new? The K1600GT is the new offering.

    I forgot all about that....damn i must be gittin'old......egg on my face...

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    Honda has just become a caricature of itself.
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    Something about it reminds me of stinkbugs. Can't say I'm fond of either of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    I'm glad you added "student" to your comment. Arlen generally shows more finesse than this.

    This, for $10K, I might buy.

    CB1100 (1140cc, fuel injected)

    I thought this was a great idea, but I'm not giving 10k for a naked, naked, naked Honda that is a rehash of something made in 1978......
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    +1 Yuck on the Wing, but I love it that Honda finally put into production the CB1100! I think it's been around as a concept bike for like 13, 15 years. Sorry to see that it's just for Japan and Europe, but since US bikes are now being built compliant with European requirements, I gotta hope it'll come to the USA. Just look at the continued interest by baby boomers in buying all the surviving 60's and 70's Hondas of their youth, myself included!

    I don't think it'll be $10K if it ever gets here, I thought I heard a price of 6K Euro over there?

    I think the fact that the old ones are still going strong after 40 years(!) will be a selling point in the back of people's minds.
    Price it around the same as a Triumph Bonnie ( ~ $6999-$7999 price range ) and there will be a US waiting list for it!
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    "+1 Yuck on the Wing, but I love it that Honda finally put into production the CB1100! I think it's been around as a concept bike for like 13, 15 years. Sorry to see that it's just for Japan and Europe"

    Ahh, grasshopper, this link is for Honda in the US, and they list the CB1100 as a new model for 2013
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    I'm not giving 10k for a naked, naked, naked Honda that is a rehash of something made in 1978......
    Yeah, me neither ... . just trying to relive my yout'

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxcrider;835674
    Hold my beer and watch me chopperize this here gold wing with a sawzall. No, that can't be it, the wind screen would have come out better with a sawzall.

    See? Better Windscreens:
    Really, what is up with those lame little chop down wind screens? Talk about borrowing the worst of HD.
    maybe it doesn't matter for an in town bar hopper?

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    I rode a CB1100 a year and a half ago when it first came out and they had a few in Germany. The bike is for the "Sunday morning rider" or someone who has a other bikes already. It is not for the "serious" motorcyclist who may take his/her bike on a multiple day trip. It addresses the dreams and wishes of those who rode years ago and want a bike like this back. I consider it more of an evolution of the SOHC CB750 than a "reborn" CB1100F. I used to be a big fan of Honda motorcycles. I have both a CB1100R and several CBXes. This bike does not compare.
    Honda has currently lost connection to the top. Most other mmotorcycle manufacturers have more exciting models in their line-up and among new product.
    Honda used to be the market leader and had the best new bikes and technology almost every year. It almost looks like that Honda is unsure what the future of their motorcycle activity is and whether it will be part of their business strategy.
    Both the shows in Cologne and Milan had no significant Honda news.
    They missed the renewal of the GL when they transferred manufacturing from Ohio to Japan, although there had been talks about a 2000cc motor. Now they are stuck with the existing model and have their hands full getting it settled in into the new plant. All they can do is playing with pathetic face lifts to attract some Harley riders.

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    The San Antonio police department has for years used trunk-less Wings. It's not my kind of bike, but I don't think they look all that bad either.
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    Love retro style

    That big Honda will probably sell, Honda does it's work on market analysis. I just love the retro look on the CB1100. I use to have a ZR750 and always wanted its big brother the ZR1100 in purple. I thought that was about the perfect bike for weekend riding. Must be that I grew up with motorcycles in the 70"s.

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    That cpmment about Honda is spot on- it started with the death of Sochiro and putting the bike division totally in the hands of marketing folks rather than product guys- and every design they show up with is more stupid and less original than the last.
    The V4 attempt at competing with BMW was way off the mark and didn't even target BMWs mot popular models, instead aping one of its lower volume models. Can't see how going after a low volume brand's low volume model makes any business sense. I have yet to see even one of the VFR 1200s on the street in NC where I live and despite the low volumes I've seen quite a few of BMWs 6, a bike that holds no interest for me due to weight and complexity issues.
    Of the J brands, only Kawasaki seems to have any original thinkers left but Kawasakis are so iconoclastic many of their items have limited appeal.
    All of the Japanese brands need to shed weight, a lot of it,(with the exception of a few of the crotch rockets) pretty much across their entire product lines to improve handling of their bikes.
    The pair of inexpensive new 250s and the 700 seem Hondas most interesting stuff these days. They are an attempt tp put some new stuff on the market at decent price points for new young riders. Will be interesting to see if that strategy works- after all, us old farts are dying off and the sport needs new riders in the 20s and 30s who know about something other than crotch rockets and cruisers..

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    I think the bike looks pretty good. But, it is old technology and the changes remove its functionality. The small windscreen and lack of a trunk leave you with a big heavy touring bike that is less capable of touring.

    So though it looks kinda cool, if I were to buy a bike like that, I'd have to go all the way and get a completely useless but supercool offering from the Motor Company.

    It will be a LONG time before a non American offering displaces HD on the coolness factor.
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