Chop/Abrasive saw? NO. Too good a chance to splay out the braid. And the contamination an abrasive saw creates in the hose is significant. Unless you blast it out with brake cleaner spray and air.
You need to go back and read post #10. Chop saw. YES! The proof is in the pictures and step-by-step instructions. It works, and works VERY well.

Cable cutter? A better idea and certainly cleaner. The distortion of the inner tube will be straightened out when the insert end is pushed into the hose.
I have tried many types of cutters. Everything from manuals, to air, hydraulic, curved, etc. Had a problem with all of them. I would be happy to post pictures of braided hoses cut with your method. Sometimes it cause splits in the PTFE tube where it is distorted. Also tried cutting it with cores. Most cutters are designed for softer metal and we found that you cannot cut the stainless steel braids cleanly. We found that the steps in post #10 worked better. Granted, most of our braided hoses are larger then brake lines. If you have a better way, then post pictures and how you accomplished the task. I am always open to a better way or an alternate way.