I'm planning on replacing the brake hoses on my 2004 1150GS (with ABS) using Galfer brake lines. I previously had a bad experience with Spiegler, so decided to give Galfer a try. Anyway, Galfer has a kit for the 1999 - 2002 1150GS with ABS (kit D265-5). When I asked if the kit would work on the 2004 model they said no and they would have to custom make a kit. So, does anyone know if the brake hoses on the 2004 GS with ABS are different from the 1999 - 2002 models?

Also, the OEM brake lines on the bike look like rubber. I thought I read somewhere that the 2004 GSA had stainless steel brake lines, but the regular 2004 GS still had rubber lines. Is this correct?

Any thoughts appreciated.