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Thread: finding TDC with a 336 cam

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    finding TDC with a 336 cam

    I just want to start out by saying I have been a lurker for about 8 months now and have found really all the info I needed with out having to ask. But now ran into a possible issue. I have a R75/6 frame with a R90/6 engine and some previous owner installed a 336 cam in the late 90's. The bike sat for 2 years cause the guy I bought it from wanted to cafe it out and cut too many wires and couldnt figure out how to make it right again.
    I am trying to check valve clearance but I am unsure if I can still use the marking (OT) on the fly wheel to find TDC. From my reading the 336 cam prolongs the compression stroke so will that also change how to find TDC. Also while I am thinking of it, is the timing affected by the cam also. If so what do you all recommend I set the timing to.

    Thanks ahead of time
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