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Thread: 2008 R1200GS Stiebel horn added

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    2008 R1200GS Stiebel horn added

    Purchased a Steibel horn kit from Thought I'd share a pic of where I mounted the relay for the horn on my bike (it looks real close to the shock but there is adequate clearance). Also, the horn extension bracket is mounted to the hole near the top of the frame that isn't used - it is not mounted to the old horn mount due to space consideration. The relay could also be mounted to the old horn mount but there is very little room to get a torx bit in there due to location of the brace for front fender. One thing of concern, that if either mount or horn shifted, it could hit front shock (even though there is a lock nut up top). I ran the wires along the right underside of the tank area and below the tool holder where I connected to an Eastern Beaver 3 circuit solution (rather than hooking direct to the battery). Works great..
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