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Thread: just got my R90/6. ft brake stuck

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    just got my R90/6. ft brake stuck

    hey all,

    i will consult my clymer's tonight, but i wanted to ask for any quick ideas on what to look for wrt the front brake sticking closed on a '76 R90/6.

    i just took possession this afternoon. the shipper said the seller rode the bike up onto the trailer, but when he rolled it off at my house the ft brake was sticking. we could push it into the garage, but on the center stand with the ft wheel raised, you an hardly move it.



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    Shipping from where to where?

    First check for any obvious binding problems or collapsed suspension onto the tire. Or something wedged between the tire and fender.

    Next, I'd try to barely crack the front brake bleeder valve to see if there's some kind of vacuum problem. Then I'd look under the tank at the master cylinder...take the cap off and inspect the fluid.

    Sounds like you'll need to flush the system anyway.
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    there's nothing obvious. it seems like the calipers are just not letting go of the disc.

    shipment from tampa area to philadelphia area.

    it is a 20-foot bike for sure. i will post some pics this weekend with a more detailed report of issues i find.

    thanks for your quick reply!


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    Take a large flat screwdriver and gently pry the pads part. Had a Harley once that did the same thing. One pad was worn uneven and had cocked crooked and squeezed the pads shut.

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