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I have a Schuberth C3 and it fits into the stock BMW Top Case no problem. You need to lay it on it's side, bottom toward the rear and make sure the highest part is such that it fits in the bulge on the top of the case.

It is snug but it does fit. I put a microfiber rag top and bottom to avoid scratching my ridiculously expensive helmet! Well, at least for now because it's new.
Well you are correct, it fits, just barely. With a microfiber towel on top and bottom the case will close. I have the XL size which is the same shell as a XXL and it works.

The Givi E460 looks like a very good option though since it would hold both of our helmets. She rides with a Nolan which also has no d-rings rendering the underseat locks worthless.

Of course there's always a new K1600GTL as an option... If I can only convince her that the heated backrest is worth the $24K... I'm working on it...

Thanks for all of the assistance!