So after nearly 40 years riding, last 10 years on four assorted HD's, I finally take the plunge, sell the E-glide and buy a nice 05 R1150RT. (I have ridden K1600's and would ride one now if I could swing the price)

Rode it 1100 miles in 29 hours to get it home and loved every mile. Ridden another 2.5k since and it only gets better. First time in many, many years I got off the bike after 500 miles and my ears weren't ringing!

Bar backs, lowered driver boards, seat change and better yet.

Linked ABS the biggest thing to get used to but have developed a light touch with the right hand and learned to ignore the rear pedal for the most part.

Dry clutch is another "gotta get used to" but the old school shifting technique of preloading the shifter and just pop the clutch seems to work well. (But I do miss my friction zone around town but again, will get used to it I'm sure)

Handles like a dream, light, balanced and responsive. I discovered Saturday that the low point in the lean is actually the toe of my boots, now that is different...

Issues? Very few...

Front end dive on hard braking seems really excessive? (But it sure does stop in a hurry) I would really like to address this but how?

All this technology and no self cancelling turn signals? Seriously? Kisen module going in this weekend...

The Security fob buttons are ridiculous given the fact we all wear gloves? (PITA - The security system may be coming off)

Helmet stowage or locking? I have a C3, doesn't fit in a side case. The shape of the lid on the top case seems very strange and limiting. Can't lock it underseat due to C3's lack of d-rings. Can't stand lugging the helmet around at stops. What am I missing here? Are there oversize lids available for the top case or side cases?

I just renewed my MOA membership yesterday and went for three years, I'm hooked.