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    Side Clip Suspenders

    I found Side Clip suspenders help keep my pants where they belong. I usually do
    not have a issue riding, but when I walk around pants tend to slide down. The suspenders keep the pants up.The pads and grips make them heavy and if you wear wicking under garments that are slippery these help.
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    I've had good luck with them myself. During the day I have to carry around a lot of tools in my pockets and the suspenders keep me from having to wear a full tool-belt. Duluth has a number of other products I've been happy with. OM
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    I wear slightly oversized riding pants for comfort & practicality of what will fit inside them as I go from shorts to jeans to gore-tex or winter insulated liners inside & have been using the Sears suspenders from my carpentry tool belt-these side clips look promising!

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    I lost about 50 lbs and was too cheap to replace my almost new riding pants. Like MIAirhead I found that the synthetic underwear provides insufficient friction to reliably keep the pants up when off the bike. (It's really annoying to be paying for gasoline & holding up your pants at the same time). Better than having them fall down.

    I bought a pair of side clip aka trucker's aka hip clip suspenders with plastic hardware from HoldUp suspender company. I chose the plastic hardware with the idea of preventing corrosion from perspiration etc.

    So far so good! Kinda reminds me of the ski bibs I wore some time ago.

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    A good solution when your jacket zips to your pants. That's usually just across the back, of course.
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