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    2004 k1200 GT

    Looking at a 2004 K 1200 GT at a local dealer seems to be in good shape. The only K bike I have owned was a K75, was wanting to hear of any pros/cons on the 1200 GT. Thanks for any info.

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    I regret selling mine...

    It is a GREAT sport touring machine.
    I have since returned to both a K75s and a K100RS.

    You should NOT hesitate to buy such a BMW!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigzag View Post
    Looking at a 2004 K 1200 GT at a local dealer seems to be in good shape. The only K bike I have owned was a K75, was wanting to hear of any pros/cons on the 1200 GT. Thanks for any info.
    I-BMW is a good place to ask that question.
    The I-BMW forum was started for owners of the K1200RS and latter the K1200GT.
    BTW, the K1200RS/GT is a great bike.
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    So I own one - moving from an 85 K100 and an 2003 1150GS

    Impressions on the change -

    My 2004 KGT is a far more modern bike;

    Brakes - the brakes stop like the hand of God reaches out to arrest your speed. You cannot lock them up and I love the semi linked modulation - I let the bike worry about how much rear wheel pressure to apply.

    Heat control - no longer the issue it was with my 85K. I ride cool even in high ambient temps.

    Cold weather riding - the heated grips and the heated seat are amazing. Period.

    Electric windshield - I like to be able to adjust this as I'm riding.

    Cruise control -

    Handling - this is a bike made for covering a lot of miles in a day* and handles sweepers flawlessly. Tight technical stuff just requires a bit more focus than on a smaller bike (it is heavy), but even on the demanding Tail of the Dragon, I have been able to keep pace with a local riding a 650 Ninja.

    Buy it and ride it - the howl when you get on it at 65 and run to 100 alone is worth the price of admission. *Atlanta to Chicago in a day - to put this into perspective...much of the trip at speeds well over 80 MPH. (Usual disclaimers)

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    And budget for a good radar detector.........
    Bob Weis
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    2003 k1200gt

    I purchased my bike new in '03. I has 40,000 miles of moderate use. Most up north so work and weather took a big chunk out of road time. I now live a FL and use it almost every day. I've only had one problem with the bike and that is the ABS pump. It was replaced twice under warranty. About 2 years ago it went out again. The dealer in Barrington IL demanded BMW replace the pump, at no cost to me, because he had all the service records and the pump should not have failed. BMW caved and sent a new pump. It was defective. They sent a second pump. This is a $2500 item. Otherwise the bike has been a dream to own. I highly recommend this bike.

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    My 2004 K12GT is by far the best performing BMW that I have owned. I am a techie and I love the advanced technology of this bike. It is smooth and has power-on-demand from just about any speed and gear combination.
    Prior to this bike I had two R-Bikes and a K100rs. Although the K12 is a bit more unstable in the slower speeds, it is rarely an issue. It gets a bit top heavy and demands you careful attention below about 5MPH.
    I really like this bike but all of those high tech improvements do come with a price. It is a departure from the "Simple by Design" philosophy of the old air-coolers. Mine is currently in the shop for a small fluid leak in the hydraulic clutch slave. The high tech clutch system sprung a leak and has spewed hydraulic fluid on the clutch face and the seals. All are being replaced right now along with the engine rear main seal. This high tech replacement for a clutch cable is going to be just shy of $3000 when all is finished.
    My 04 GT has 17000 on it. The dealer says that this failure is more about the age of the bike and not the milage.
    Cost of ownership can be steep but I still love the bike and now I will have it, hopefully, trouble-free for a long time.
    Bill M
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    1989 K100rs, 2004 K1200GT

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