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Thread: Dealer mount, but no balance?

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    Dealer mount, but no balance?

    Okay, I normally do my own work on the airheads, but I really hate dealing with tires...

    Thought I would save some frustration, so I took the wheels and tires to my local dealer (wheels were off the bikes). They did a fine job mounting all the tires, but I'm nearly 100% sure they didn't balance them!

    Reason: all the old weights are still in the same spots, and the R100S front wheel bounces like mad at about 90 mph. It certainly didn't do that before with the old tires.

    When I noticed the old weights, I thought they might've used some high-tech balancing method (beads?) but now I think they just didn't balance them at all.

    I can balance them myself, and that's what I'm going to do. Thought I was saving myself some time, but this is not doing much to help my phobia about not doing the work myself. I guess I didn't specifically ask for a balance, but figured that was part of the process.

    Just seems odd, has anyone else had this experience with a BMW dealer? A mount with no balance? Am I missing something? Is it because I just brought the wheels in, not the bikes? I don't see why that would make a difference, but maybe it does...

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    I routinely bring just wheels in...I think balancing is a given. I specifically say not to balance given that I'll do it myself. I'd call and ask what your bill covered, then go from there.
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    I have always changed my tires the hard way, with spoons on the floor of my garage. I have never had my tires balanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James.A View Post
    I have always changed my tires the hard way, with spoons on the floor of my garage. I have never had my tires balanced.
    I have always done the same thing until I had a pair installed on the wheels of my CLC a couple of years ago. The tires were so large, I didn't attempt it. However, the Honda dealer couldn't find their adapter to balance them so I have never had a tire balanced and I have never had a problem in the last 35-40 years. However, I seldom exceed 80.
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    You should take them back. It's hard to imagine how the tech missed doing this, unless he was interrupted in the middle of the process.

    That said, there are a number of reasonably priced static balancers out there. I use the Marc Parnes unit, but I wouldn't hesitate to get the one from Harbor Freight

    It's easier and quicker than you might think.
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    Take the weights off and use Dyna Beads if the dealer will not correct the problem.
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