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Thread: When is enough. . . .enough ?

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    When is enough. . . .enough ?

    Who knows, as I for one don't know. When I stepped back into motorcycling in the mid 90's after being away from it since the late sixty's my wife of 25 years thought I really lost it this time. We have been together now for coming up on 42 years and she will now say it was the best thing I did.

    My first motorcycle was a big BSA B25 Starfire. This machine I was lucky enough to go back to my home province and find an original 1 of 4 that Bernie Nicholson sold in 1968, that sits in my memobila room not far from my office at the house. Fast in it's day and was very suitable for riding around the Echo Lakes road outside of Ft. Qu'Applle, SK. My best buddy at the time road a Ducati Monza 250 that spent more time being fished out of the fish hatchery as he often missed the corner. Over the years the list has gotten long with everything from Goldwings, Norton Commandos, T-140 Triumphs, Hinkley Thunderbirds, Thunderbird Sport to the 1200cc Triumph Trophy. The best was my rat 1974 Norton Commando. At 3800 RPM's this puppy was smooth a silk and still had power to spare.

    Guess your wondering why I switched to the Boxers. Got off a 1976 T-140 750 Bonnie one day and took a friends R100RT for a spin and it was love in fifth gear.

    I am restoring a 1976 BMW R75/6 and have decided that after this, all I really want to do is do some riding. I am finished wrenching.

    What caused me to buy the 2009 BMW R1200RT was I really went into the local Triumph/BMW dealer here in Calgary to inquire about getting a new Triumph Trophy. After hearing all the positive things about the new beast, I asked a silly question. What Is Triumph targeting in the market place with two wheels. Answer was a very clear R1200RT. Went and looked at a used model (high mileage) that was sitting on the floor on a consignment. Black in colour (not my favourite colour), but really like the lines. Came home, sat on the Apple Mac and spent about 4 hours doing some research. My mind was made up. I should be retiring and was not about to take out a second mortgage of over
    $ 24,000. for a new Trophy. I might be insane but not daft....

    Why a BMW, well why not, as this machine has everything that I could possibly want. Only thing missing that the Triumph comes standard is an AM/FM Blue Tooth XM Satellite radio. Can't hear it anyways anyways as I would rather listen to what I can on the exhaust notes.

    So is answer to your question, When is enough, enough!

    "When I can no longer swing my leg over the saddle and still get a chill down my spine feeling and smelling the air I am travelling through".
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