I started my GS career back in '94 with a new R100GS. Not sure of the hp but something like 60 or so. Ran plenty fast for me but maybe carrying my wife and all the gear, I was pushing it doing 75 on interstates. . .big deal, I really didn't think so. Wow, I upgraded in late winter of 2001 to a new oil head blue and white 2002 R1150GS with 85 hp and 6 speed. Great bike plenty of power even riding double, just downshift once and you could pass anything with four or more wheels, 50 mpg at highways speeds. I put 92,000 miles on it in 7 years and regret selling it. But I always wanted the adventure so 2008 GSA1200 with 105 hp. Now hardly downshifting was required again even with the wife and gear. Do you really need more hp or is BMW just showing off technology and making changes for change sake. . .? It will never end and costs just keep going up and parts availability gets harder.