I'll throw this route out for those that make it too my area sometime. Yesterday being one of those rare gems in November that hit the 70's here!!! This is an ~ 125k route as I rode it back to home.
I took off from the vicinity of Natural Bridge State Pk in E.KY & rode S on Rt11 to Levi,then right/SW on Rt30 to Tyner, turn right/N on US421 to McKee,then right/N on RT89 to Irvine,then right/E on RT52, then left/N on RT213 to the Bert T. Combs Mtn Pwy & ride whichever direction you like. The RT89 part of this trip offers some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in KY! Stop @ Anna's for a killer sandwich. That particular road is well paved and very twisty & hilly with some Daniel Boone campgrounds,trails & streams there. It may lack a centerline at times and definitely not a place to ride over prudent speeds but a joy to ride never the less!