I have a 2011 R1200RT; I bought it used with only 869 miles on it. It sat unridden for most of a year I suppose. It now has 10800 and I think it needs a new battery (already!). I rode it 7000 miles on a western trip twice it would not start in the morning after sitting out all night in near-freezing temperatures. The last night in such cold conditions I got up 4 times during the night to warm the oil and keep it warm. That worked at the expense of my sleep. Sitting in the garage after a week it wouldn't start and I hooked a charger up to it. I took it out today, stopped for some gas. When I tried to restart the warm engine it sounded labored. Well, I quit on the starter button and retried to start it.. I got those clicks. I let it rest for a few minutes and it started, but again sounded labored. I have had the battery checked twice on diagnostic equipment and the techs said it passed all tests. Should I get a new battery? Should I expect the same problems with a new battery? that would be a real bummer. Should I spring for the BMW battery? It now has 10W-40 oil in it, which should be good for a lot colder temps than we have had.